☆ Get in the best shape of your life! ☆

John’s workout will help you gain muscle, lose weight, and clear your mind!

Train in person or via Zoom!

In person sessions are $75/hour.
• Sessions include sit ups, push ups, squats, shadow boxing, & jump rope.
• If you have your own gloves & wraps, workouts will include boxing pad work.
• Sessions can also include short sprinting exercises.
• In-person sessions are held at The Peristyle.
• See map below.

Zoom sessions are $40/45 minutes.
• John will exercise with you to keep your muscle tone and your sanity!
• Workouts include sit ups, push ups, squats, & shadow boxing.
• If you have an outdoor space, sessions can also include jump rope.

All sessions can be tailored to your needs upon request.

(Hand wraps are washable/reusable and can be purchased online or ordered directly from John for $10 when you click on the ‘Sign Up!’ link above.)

My #1 rule for getting in shape is having fun.

Depending on your fitness level and the location of your session, classes will include a mix of the following: stretching, jump rope, short sprints, shadow boxing, focus mitts, calisthenics (sit-ups, push-ups, squats,) and cool-down stretching.

All in-person classes meet in Prospect Park at The Peristyle on the south side of the park.

Classes are currently being held by The Peristyle at the sound end of Prospect Park, across Parkside Avenue from the Parade Ground, as indicated on the map below.