☆ Get in the best shape of your life! ☆

John’s workout will help you gain muscle, lose weight, and clear your mind!

Regular sessions include:

• Warm up routine
• Light cardio such as jump rope and shadowboxing
• Strength training and core exercises such as sit ups, push ups, & squats
• Boxing exercises including pad work and use of heavy bag, speed ball, and double-end ball
• NO interpersonal contact. Classes are intended for fitness, not competition.
• All classes held in John’s gym in Jefferson Park.
• Address will be provided upon sign-up.

Self-defense sessions include:

• Lessons on punching and kicking
• Lessons on defensive moves
• Basic cardio and strength training exercises to get you in shape and help build confidence

All sessions can be tailored to your needs upon request.

(Hand wraps are washable/reusable and can be purchased online or ordered directly from John for $10 when you click on the ‘Sign Up!’ link above.)

My #1 rule for getting in shape is having fun.

All classes will be tailored to your needs and fitness level.

John’s personal gym includes the following equipment:
• Heavy bag
• Speed ball
• 2 Double-end balls
• Free weights
• Stationary bike
• Jump ropes
• Boxing gloves, available to borrow if you do not have your own

Hope to see you soon!